NEW GATEWAY SOLO 2300 2500 9100 12-CELL BATTERY 6500332

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Product description

Genuine Gateway Battery.

P/N: 6500332

14.8V, 4800mAh,12-Cell Li-ion Battery

Designed for use on these notebooks:

  • All Solo 2300 including 2300LS and 2300XL
  • All Solo 2500 including 2500LS and 2500SE
  • All Solo 2550 series
  • All Solo 9100 including 9100LS, 9100SE and 9100XL
  • All Solo 9150 series

    Information Link: Solo 2550 Battery Learning Utility
    Information Link: Solo 2300, 2500, 9100 Battery Learning Utility

    It may also work on some other series notebooks. Please check for compatibility before buying.

    New Other: This is a new item. OEM Bulk Packaging.

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